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Cascade Naturescapes provides personalized, high-quality landscaping services that prioritize the health of the ecosystem

What is Naturescaping?

Naturescaping is simply landscaping that mimics the natural environment of a given area. By cultivating plant communities that are native to Portland and the Willamette valley, as well as using the most eco-friendly maintenance practices possible, we create yards that are sustainable recreations of Portland’s natural ecosystems, from shaded woodlands to full-sun meadowscapes. Mature naturescaped yards are low maintenance, naturally beautiful, and thriving with an abundance of beneficial pollinators, insects, and wildlife. 

Sustainable Landscape Maintenance

Many conventional landscaping practices are quite damaging to our gardens and the environment at large. We focus on providing sustainable landscape maintenance practices such as leaf & debris mulching, zero spray weed control, on-site composting, eco-friendly lawn care, and appropriate, selective pruning techniques. These combined methods work towards maintaining the delicate balance of a yard that becomes a thriving natural ecosystem, while still being aesthetically pleasing and functional. We offer maintenance services by the hour, or with monthly subscription packages. 

Creating a Backyard Habitat

We proudly hold our work to the standards of the Backyard Habitat Certification Program. We use the Portland Plant List as our main reference and will help you work towards achieving whatever level of habitat certification you are working towards. For more information please visit:


Design/ Install

If your property is a blank slate that needs an entirely new design, we can select and install the perfect plant communities for your project every step of the way. Or, if you would like to begin introducing native plant species into your established landscape we would love to help! 

An initial consultation is required. After understanding the specific conditions of your yard, we will make suggestions for the appropriate plant communities based on your goals and budget. After a design is approved we will source, install, and maintain your new naturescape! Pricing for design and installation is based on the scope of the project and the plants used. 


Backyard Food Production

Whether you are a newcomer to growing food and need help getting started, or an advanced home gardener looking for some extra help or consulting, we will help with the design, planting, maintenance, and harvesting of your organic vegetable garden or permaculture food forest! Would you like a low-maintenance way to produce food in your yard? Beneficial for wildlife and humans, food forests are gardens based on native woodland ecosystems that include edible yields from native trees, shrubs, herbs, and vine species.

Eco-Friendly Lawns

A common frustration in Portland is the uphill battle of conventional lawn care. Not only are conventional lawns difficult and expensive to maintain, but they are essentially ecological deserts as well. We cultivate mixed eco-friendly lawns which have a mixture of different plants that stay greener in the summer and keep out weeds more effectively without the need for harmful herbicides. We also offer ecologically friendly lawn care for those who need it for their established lawns.


Many yards suffer from poorly pruned or over/under-pruned shrubs. We know the proper timing and techniques of pruning needed for each plant , from fruit trees and berries, to roses and hedges.