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Dedicated to creating functional and beautiful outdoor spaces for people and wildlife.

About Cascade Naturescapes

Dave Rivas

CNS Founder



Native Plant Expert

I am a lifelong Portland resident who grew up in a family of gardeners, right next to the mouth of the Columbia river gorge. Since a very early age, I’ve been enamored with the beauty of the natural environment that residents of the willamette valley are so fortunate to inhabit. 

With a long-standing passion for reconnecting with the natural world, I have dedicated my professional career to stewarding and restoring the health of our local ecosystem. I am here to assist with all of your sustainable landscaping needs. I look forward to creating closer connections between clients and their unique naturescapes. 

After earning a BS in Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, I returned to Portland and worked as an organic farm hand and sustainable landscaper until founding CNS in 2023. 

Sophia Rivas

CNS Founder

Customer Service

Landscape Design

Digital Marketing


I’m originally from Portland and am so fortunate to call the great Pacific Northwest my home. Our spectacular nature and ecology has kept me here and exploring it has become a lifestyle for my husband Dave and I. 

I have a deep interest and expertise in Native plant species as well as mycology. If I am not working on my own garden with Dave or helping our clients through Cascade Naturescapes you can find me in the woods foraging and hiking. As the customer service representative of CNS I am here to support our fantastic clients with any questions or concerns they may have. I love advocating for sustainable gardening and helping folks feel closer to the outdoors.

I earned a BS in Social Sciences at Portland State University and received educational training in mycology at the University of Oregon. Over the last decade I have worked in digital marketing and customer service until founding CNS with Dave in 2023. 

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